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Photovoltaic market experiences a tremendous growth in 2010

PVinsights announces worldwide 2010 top 10 ranking of PV module makers

Crystalline PV module maker, Suntech topped the ranking in 2010  In 2010, Suntech became the largest PV module maker in the world among silicon or thin-film technologies, with respect to shipments. The PV module shipments of Suntech in 2010 was around 1.5 GW (Giga-Watt). The largest thin-film PV module maker, First solar lost the PV module championship to Suntech owing to its conservative PV module expansion in 2010. Sharp remained in the No. 3 position and also acted as the largest Japanese PV module producer. Yingli and Trina Solar kept showing their ambition in the shipment expansion of PV modules. Yingli and Trina Solar were no.4 and no.5 respectively in 2010, which were the same as 2009 ranking. Canadian went up to no.6 in 2010, while Sunpower fell to No. 8 and yielded its position to Canadian. REC was the first time into top 10 ranking of PV module makers, which means upstream PV material supplier are following the trend of vertical integration. Solarworld, which was the No. 9 in 2009 named the No. 10 PV module maker in 2010.            

Tremendous PV market growth in 2010 begins the Giga-Watt game   With over 100% year-on-year growth in PV system installation, PV module makers rose up their shipments rapidly. They actively expanded their capacity and turned themselves into Giga-watt (GW) Player. According to PVinsights, five of top 10 PV module companies in 2010 are GW player. Suntech, First Solar, Sharp, Yingli, Trina Solar are GW players now and most of them doubled their shipments in 2010. In the Giga-Watt game of PV module production, Suntech topped the PV module ranking in 2010 with 121% year-on-year growth in shipment. First solar, the largest PV module maker in 2009, went down to No. 2 with a conservative 26.8% year-on-year shipment growth in 2010. Sharp named No. 3 in the ranking with 85% year-on-year shipment growth in 2010, thanks to more active 2010 expansion policy. YingLi and TrinaSolar were the 4th and 5th PV module makers from the survey of PVinsights. They were also GW players with astonishing 102% and 165% year-on-year shipment growth in 2010 accordingly. The companies from 6th to 10th  are Canadian, Hanwha Solarone, SunPower, REC,Solarworld accordingly from the survey of PVinsights.

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