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Final Phase of The 2014 US AD & CVD Key Date and Notice

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Last Update: 2014-Oct- 21 23:01 (GMT+8)
PV Poly Silicon Weekly Spot Price
Item High Low Average AvgChg AvgChg%
PV Grade Poly Silicon Price (9N / 9N+) 23.0019.0020.800Positive Change Sign 0.1Positive Change Sign 0.48%
2nd Grade Poly Silicon Price (6N - 8N) 22.8018.0020.680Positive Change Sign 0.08Positive Change Sign 0.39%
Unit: USD/Kg Last Update: 2014-10-15
Definition of PV Grade: Poly silicon chunk with high purity can be directly produced to Solar PV Ingots / Bricks
Definition of 2nd Grade: Poly silicon chunk must be mixed with high purity polysilicon, when producing Solar PV Ingots / Bricks.
Solar PV Wafer Weekly Spot Price
Item High Low Average AvgChg AvgChg%
156 mm Multi Solar Wafer 1.050.850.878Positive Change Sign 0.008Positive Change Sign 0.92%
156 mm High Eff Multi Solar Wafer 1.050.880.917Positive Change Sign 0.006Positive Change Sign 0.66%
156 mm Mono Solar Wafer 1.321.151.193No Change Sign 0No Change Sign 0%
125 mm Mono Solar Wafer 0.750.660.688No Change Sign 0No Change Sign 0%
156 mm Non (TW or CN) Multi WaferVisit here for more detail wafer price information
Unit: USD more Last Update: 2014-10-15
China-made wafers, Ingots and bricks are involved in the US AD and CVD investigations.
Taiwan-made wafers, Ingots, and bricks are involved in the US AD investigation.
Solar PV Cell Weekly Spot Price
Item High Low Average AvgChg AvgChg %
Multi Cell Price Per Watt 0.440.300.324Positive Change Sign 0.003Positive Change Sign 0.93%
156 mm Multi Solar Cell 1.981.231.381Positive Change Sign 0.012Positive Change Sign 0.88%
156 mm Mono Solar Cell 2.651.661.901Negative Change Sign -0.004Negative Change Sign -0.21%
125 mm Mono Solar Cell 1.610.971.142Negative Change Sign -0.002Negative Change Sign -0.17%
Taiwan Poly Cell Per Watt 0.420.300.325Positive Change Sign 0.001Positive Change Sign 0.31%
Unit: USD more Last Update: 2014-10-15
Solar PV Module Weekly Spot Price
Item High Low Average AvgChg AvgChg %
Silicon Solar Module 0.880.540.619Positive Change Sign 0.007Positive Change Sign 1.14%
ThinFilm Solar Module 0.840.500.642Negative Change Sign -0.002Negative Change Sign -0.31%
US Multi Solar ModuleVisit here for more detail module price information
Unit: USD / Watt more Last Update: 2014-10-15
All Spot Prices are Tax excluded and updated on Wednesday
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