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Key Dates of The US 2014 AD and/or CVD Against China and Taiwan
Key Dates of The US 2017 Safeguard Investigation
Key Dates of The US 2018 AD & CVD Sunset Reviews

The U.S. 2017 Section 201 Safeguard Investigation Schedule

On April 26 2017, Suniva filed a petition according to Section 201 to raise the threshold prices of imported PV cells and modules, causing a storm among global solar product manufacturers. United State International Trade Commission started the investigation on May 17 2017, which will take 120 days; another 30 days if the case is extraordinary complicated. The report has to be presented to the President within 180 days after the petition was filed. The President will make the final decision. The detailed schedule of the investigation process, according to USITC, is listed in the following table.

The U.S. ITC Safeguard Investigation Key Date

May 17 2017


May 25 2017

Draft Questionnaires: Comments on drafts

Jun. 29 2017

Return Questionnaires

Aug. 1 2017

Prehearing Report on Injury Phase

Aug. 8 2017

Prehearing Briefs on Injury Phase

Aug. 15 2017

Hearing on Injury Phase

Aug. 22 2017

Posthearing Briefs on Injury Phase

Sep. 11 2017

Report to the Commission on Injury Phase

Sep. 22 2017

Proposed Vote on Injury Phase

Sep. 27 2017

Prehearing Briefs on Remedy Phase

Oct. 3 2017

Hearing on Remedy Phase

Oct. 10 2017

Posthearing Briefs on Remedy Phase

Oct. 23 2017

Report to the Commission on Remedy Phase

Oct. 31 2017

Proposed Vote on Remedy Phase

Nov. 13 2017


Source: United States International Trade Commission, PVinsights Complied

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